Why you need a Business Plan

A good business plan can ultimately provide useful information to a potential buyer, or simply help you secure funds from institutional investors.

The kind of plan you need for your bank manager will be very different from one you show to potential investors, or even to your own managers and staff. It has to be tailored to your audience. In this respect, our experience could be crucial to your success.

Parkinson UK will make sure that your business plan answers the questions its readers need answered. And if it's for internal use, our broad commercial experience will help us make sure your future plans are realistic and achievable.

From time to time even the best-run business needs some advice or a second opinion. Healthy businesses plan for the future, and having an independent review of your strategy can really help. And using the best accounting, budgeting, planning and reporting tools we can ensure that you have all the information you need to face future challenges.

Established businesses will find that doing a business plan immediately following their accounting year end will help to predict future profits and cash flow requirements, thereby addressing potential problems which may arise before they have an impact on the success of the business.